Saturday, 8 October 2011

Grateful For… Taking A Break

If you blinked you probably missed it, but yes I took a bit of a bloggy break this week, and while I know some of you missed me, I am certain you all coped swimmingly without my daily rave. There wasn’t any reason for my absence other than the fact that I was feeling a bit ‘meh’ and since this blog is my happy place I decided to put it in quarantine until I got over it. It wasn’t just the blog that got the cold shoulder either, I pretty much avoided Facebook and Twitter too (oh the horror!) I just felt the need to have a little space and enjoy the Long Weekend fully focussed on my real life.


As a new blogger it is easy to get swept up in the excitement of being everywhere and making connections with all the lovely and like-minded people I have met. Twitter has been fantastic company at night while Luke is away too, I don’t feel quite so pathetic about watching trashy TV on my own when I am still ‘talking’ to people. But the whole thing was getting a little out of hand and it was starting to interfere with my productivity in other areas.

So I decided that since it was the Long Weekend and Luke had come home earlier than expected, I would take a break from all of it. I didn’t make any grand announcements because I didn’t really know how long I would last and I figured that responding to the thousands (cough) of follow up comments would defeat the purpose of taking a break in the first place.

Taking a conscious break took the pressure off almost immediately. It was nice to not have to try and find the time to write posts or keep up with Twitter streams and Facebook links. I didn’t realise how much information I was actually absorbing every day until I switched it off. Yes I am certain I missed some crucial and hilarious Twitter convos and my Google Reader is going to take some time to get back under control but I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with my family and friends. Most importantly, I felt like we had broken out of the rut we had fallen into.

I was reminded that the blog is a hobby for me, somewhere to express my thoughts or share some silly story’s. It was never intended to be a job or an obligation, my enthusiasm had got the better of me and I had lost sight of the reason I started writing in the first place. 

I am grateful for the break and the change in perspective I gained from having some time off. I was also able to use some of my time to address some of the little projects I have been meaning to get to which I will be sharing over the next few weeks.

What are you grateful for this week?

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