Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Why Not Run A Snappy Marathon Before Giving Birth?

Exercise is something that I am pretty passionate about. After beginning a regular exercise routine roughly 6 years ago I have enjoyed it not only for the physical benefits, but the mental benefits as well. The only time I really stepped back from it was while I was pregnant and in the first few months after Skye was born. I had been advised that despite my fitness levels, I would be best to take it easy during this time and due to some early scares with spotting I obeyed without question. I found it difficult to let go of the routine and there were times when I resented not having this release even more than not being able to drink alcohol, but the safety of my unborn child was my priority and I knew I would be able to resume my hobby soon enough. To maintain some kind of fitness I did go walking a couple of times a week but by the time I was 7 months along, even that put my heart rate through the roof.

livLets Get Physical? Lets Not. Image Credit.

I appreciate that every one experiences pregnancy differently and those who are accustomed to regular exercise are certainly able to maintain some level of physical activity but I was floored when I came across this article today.

A woman gave birth the same day she ran a 42km marathon – at 39 weeks pregnant! Are you kidding me? I have trained with people preparing for marathons and it is incredibly hard on the body. Aside from the aching muscles there is nipple and underwear chafe, joint pain, blisters the size of your head, lost toenails the list goes on. Being pregnant is no walk in the park either. The idea of doing both simultaneously is utter madness as far as I’m concerned.

Another thing that bothers me is what kind of message is this sending to people? As if the pressure to get back to pre-baby shape isn’t bad enough there are women who are competing in gruelling running races at a time when most are lucky to race to the loo and they are being commended for it. 

But what I really want to know (aside from where you would purchase compression maternity pants) is what is the motivation? Surely if you were fit and healthy enough to run marathons before you fell pregnant a 9 month hiatus is not going to send you into permanent retirement. If you were fortunate enough to ever resemble the woman below, its unlikely you would have to suffer from squishy post baby belly for very long.

mirandaNo offence, but you’re just a little too blessed for your own good Mrs Bloom. Image Credit

What I am trying to say is - what the hell is up with that?!?! Take a chill pill and put your feet up for a bit. Carrying a baby is going to change your body and your lifestyle so you may as well embrace it. At best it is irresponsible and reckless to put your body under that kind of exertion and it sets an unreasonable example. Celebrities are expected to do crazy things and come out unscathed, no one really believes their reality to be the same as the rest of us but what hope have we got of being allowed to be human when one us regular people starts pulling this kind of jazz? Besides, you are going to need all the energy you can muster when you have a newborn to contend with, not matter how fit you are.

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