Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Girls Night In + Boys = A Whole Lotta Fundraising!

Last Saturday I went to a BBQ, drank too much pink bubbly, ate my own body weight in dessert and spent more money than I had planned. Pretty average weekend fare in the land of Eat Play Bond, except this weekend I was doing it for a worthy cause – raising money for women’s cancer research at a Girls Night In event hosted by my Mother-in-Law. As I said here last week, she hosts one every year and despite having a smaller group this time around, we still managed to raise over $1000 in cold hard cash donations on the night! The biggest donation generator was the auctions held towards the end of the night (timing is crucial as people with a bottle of wine of more under their belt are more likely to pay $20 for a couple of balls of twine, as I did).


The basic plan for the evening was to ship the male guests into the local pub for a few hours while we watched a handbag demonstration, ate fancy nibbly platters and handed out the raffle prizes. All went pretty much to plan until it was time for the main meal. Since the boys of the group couldn’t bear to be away from us for the night (or they knew dinner was ready) they returned just in time for the auctions to start. By then most of the guests were feeling generous and wallets were well and truly aired out. This was just my takings from the night, yes that be a booby stubbie holder in the front, with said balls of twine.


It was wonderful to see everyone supporting such a worthy cause and I actually think having all the boys there made it even more fun as they threw their money about wildly for the chance to take home their very own hand creams and painted notebooks.  The push cakes were a big hit with everyone and I will be posting a tutorial on how to make them this week. Please excuse the fuzzy pic, I was a little buzzy from all the wine sugar by this stage.


As always since I had consumed a little too much vino, I was sure to do a bit of looblogging too.


This is also the reason I held off on this post until Tuesday, so I can link up with the original looblogger Jess at Diary of A SAHM for iBOT. Check her out!


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