Monday, 22 October 2012

My Guardian Angel Saved Me $5,000

This time last week I was suffering from the beginnings of pneumonia, we were still awaiting confirmation of contracts exchanging on our house and Mr Bond's work ute was causing all kinds of grief with troublesome clutch issues. Definitely not a week I would want to feature in any highlights reel and certainly not a time I was giving Guardian Angel's much credit. 

Last Friday, at the end of said very long week we had all been out together talking to builders and tagging along while Mr Bond did a bit of quoting. On the way home Skye had fallen asleep (as usual) so we pulled into the driveway and left the car running in the hope she would stay that way. 

As I went to collect the mail, I heard Mr Bond close his car door and then the sound of offended crying coming from the back seat as Skye had been rudely woken from her slumber. I dashed back to her and sat the mail on the back of the ute while I got her out and settled her inside with "her shows". In the meantime, Mr Bond had dashed past me saying that he had to leave to get to his next appointment, jumped in the car and took off down the road. 

It was then that I realised that the mail was still sitting on the back of the ute, most likely now strewn all over the road, but when I went to find it, I could see no trace of it. I only quickly checked the envelopes when I had grabbed them and could only recall a few letters from local Real Estate's and maybe a telco spruiking their latest value plans, so I wasn't bothered if I wasn't able to find them. 

Monday morning I went to see if the mail had come and I see 3 envelopes with tyre marks on them sitting in the letterbox, one of which had no clear indication of what was in there, but it looked official. It looked very much like the mail I had lost last week so I went inside to ensure I hadn't missed anything important.

I then opened my official looking letter and my heart jumped into my throat.

It was a $5,000 cheque from the Office of State Revenue for our Home Builders Grant.

Holy shit, someone was definitely looking after us today. 

Guardian Angel or not, whomever was kind enough to take the time to return our mail to us, I cannot thank you enough. I can only imagine what a nightmare it would have been to try and have that cheque resent if it had not been returned to us. You have saved me an incredible amount of stress and of course, the much needed 5,000 smackers!

Do you believe in Guardian Angel's? When was the last time you felt like someone had been looking after you?
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