Tuesday, 23 October 2012

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Bed

I have known this day would come but I was doing my best to ignore it while we were living in Limbo Land not knowing exactly where we might be living when Baby Bond arrived, well that has been my excuse anyway.

But the time has come, I can't avoid it any longer. 

Skye is going to need a Big Girl Bed.

Yes, at almost 3 years old, Skye is still sleeping in her cot. I never meant for her to stay there that long, but through a combination of lack of space, a desire to avoid too many changes too quickly and lets face it, laziness on my part because the cot keeps her trapped until I say she can get out, she is still in there.

Now that we have sold the house and will be moving into a rental property in a matter of weeks, I feel that now is as good a time as any for her to make the transition. That and the fact that there is another little person due to arrive in less than 2 months who is going to need somewhere to sleep! 

Skye herself is adamant that she will be having a pink bedroom and reminds me of this every opportunity she gets.

It all started when she spotted this room in a Display Home recently.
I am hoping that giving her a grand new Big Girl room in a new house will make the change more exciting than stressful. But I will admit I have failed miserably at trying not to change too many things at once...

There is however one very big positive to doing this - FINALLY, something I can focus my nesting urges on!

First stop, Pinterest.

It has proven quite difficult to find pictures of toddler / little girl bedrooms as opposed to baby rooms. But since this is only going to be a temporary residence, I'm not going to put a whole lot of energy into a flashy makeover, but rather want to make sure that any purchases we do make will be suitable in the long term once we move into our newly built house (hopefully by this time next year).

Not pink enough, apparently Image Credit
My first dilemma? 

What colour furniture to go with. 

Currently, Skye's furniture is dark wood. Originally I thought it would make it easier to update her furniture as she grew, but I have quickly discovered that most children's furniture available in the stores right now is white. Once the cot is moved into Baby Bond's room however, there will only be a basic IKEA chest of drawers and the good old IKEA Expedit left in the dark colour. Besides, eclectic is more appealing than match-matchy, right? 

Our second problem was that we had grossly underestimated just how expensive a single bed can be. Some of them cost more than our Queen Size and as much as I want her to have a beautiful bedroom, we about to start building a house and quite frankly, I would rather keep the money for a nice new lounge suite thankyouverymuch. 

Luckily this was where mum came to the rescue and said that she still had my old white tubular bed stored in the garage which dad is in the process of cleaning up and respraying for us! Hooray! Now I only have to get a new mattress rather than a whole bloody bedroom package and my lounge suite fund remains relatively unscathed.

Now that I have that sorted it's time to move on to linen and all the fun little touches that will mark her graduation from baby to big girl. Wait, I still don't know if I'm ready for that. Thank goodness I have some mandatory retail therapy to help me through it.

Stay tuned for the reveal in a couple of weeks!

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