Friday, 20 January 2012

Front Entrance Makeover: Part 1

Holidays at our place usually involve a project or two. This year we are focussing on finishing off the outside of the house including laying a new concrete driveway and making the front entrance a bit more appealing. These things had always been on our list of the things to do but they all had to wait until the garage was put up, which was an expensive and drawn out process in itself thanks to a mains pipe running right under where we wanted it.

Our house has come a long way since we first bought it almost 9 years ago. 


Even after the render was finished our doorway was pretty blah especially after we had Foxtel installed and all the cables were sticking out of the cladding. Ugly AND dangerous.


041 blurred

We had always wanted to cover up the cladding, but were never sure what to put in its place until we saw the stacked stone tiles. Mr Bond is pretty handy with DIY and he took roughly 2 days to pull all the old stuff off, fix the blue board and lay the new tiles.

Here is how it is looking now. 


The garden has had a lot of work done to it too thanks to Mr Bond, I do not have even the smallest tinge of green in my thumb so I leave that in his capable hands.

We have yet to concrete the driveway because the budget is a little tight after Christmas. Once that is done we will be tiling over the pebblecrete that has chipped and worn away in parts and frankly was pretty ugly to start with. We will also be replacing the guttering and changing the blue trim to something that blends a bit better with the render.

With any luck we will achieve all this just in time to find a new property more suited to our needs.


Stay tuned for further updates!

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