Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Sleep-in Stand-off

It’s 7am, I am sleeping peacefully when I hear the familiar call from the front bedroom “MUMMY!, MUMMY!, MUUUUUM!”. I freeze, hoping that if I don’t move it will just be a false alarm, if I wait just a little bit longer she will notice the pile of books at the end of the bed and amuse herself in her cot so I can drift back to sleep. Just another 10 minutes and I will be ready to start the day, please, just another 10 minutes. Suddenly, I remember that Mr Bond is on holidays. He is an early riser, surely he won’t mind getting up, especially since he went to bed about 3 hours before I did last night. But I must remain completely still, if he realises that I am already awake, it’s all over.

I lay there, unmoving, barely daring to breathe as Skye continues her demanding but not distressed calls from the cot. Finally I hear Mr Bond stir, I have a terrible itch on my foot but I can’t let on that I am awake. I know that soon enough, Mr Bond will get up and begin breakfast proceedings without me, I just have to hold out long enough for him to pull the sheets back first.

Seconds feel like hours, my foot feels like it is on fire, it’s all I can do not to reach down and scratch it but I can’t give in now, just a few more seconds and I will be able to roll over, stretch myself across the other side of the bed and relish a little extra quiet time.

Once again Skye calls from her room. Mr Bond grunts, throws the blankets back and pulls himself to the side of the bed. I am like a statue, face buried under the covers, I couldn’t possibly move, I am in such a deep sleep I don’t even realise Skye is awake yet.

For variety, Skye has also started calling out “DADDDYYYYY!”. With a final grunt Mr Bond is out of bed and walking towards the door, I don’t dare sneak a look in case he turns around and I am trying with all my might not to smirk at my little victory.

At last Mr Bond walks out to the lounge room and closes the door behind him. I let out a sigh, scratch my bastard foot and roll into the middle of the bed before falling into a deep, blissful sleep.

Today I won the sleep-in stand-off, and I loved it.

Do you savour the little wins too, or am I all alone in my pathetic pettiness?

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