Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Project Life 2012–It Begins

OK so ignoring the fact that I am still yet to complete last years digital monthly Project Life (so, so slack) I am excited by the prospect of taking on the full hard copy, photo every day Project Life experience this year. I wanted to make sure I was prepared in advance this year so I decided to get the basic layout all taken care of before I began with the photo’s. I was a little overwhelmed by all the different cards and stickers when I first opened the boxes up but after spreading everything out I was able to make sense of it all. Now I have my folder all filled out ready to go, so I just need to start printing my photos and filling out my journaling cards – simple, right?


I have not done anything too adventurous with the layouts, I basically just followed the suggestions on the cards because I figured if I wanted to get clever I could do that later, but I really just like the idea of it being all about the story these photos tell of our life rather than how many blingy stickers I can cram in there. I am sure I will change my mind on that once I get further into it though.


I am hoping to keep on a fortnightly schedule with filling this in this year so that all the details don’t get away from me and I risk losing the momentum of the story. Clever Baker Friend also suggested that I save a copy of my Photo Of The Day (POTD) selections into a separate folder on my computer to make journaling and printing easier (I don’t call her clever for nothing). Here is a bit of an idea of what one layout will look like.


Since I am a total novice, I have been searching around for some guidance on making the most of my kit. Here are some of the resources I have discovered

Do you have any websites, ideas or suggestions you can share with a relative Project Life virgin? Feel free to link any posts you have done on Project Life so we can check them out too!

Linking up as always with the delightful Jess at Diary of a SAHM for iBOT. Jess is currently working on a fabulous challenge called “I’m Worth It” which you really must check out. I would like to ask that you consider taking part in the challenge and helping spread the body love message.


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