Monday, 14 November 2011

Tending the Garden

With all the talk lately about #looblogging, 30 day sex challenges and body love, it is only natural that conversation turns to the matter of personal grooming, or lack thereof in some instances. For the sake of privacy, I will keep my sources under wraps, but what I can tell you is that following a rather enlightening conversation I discovered there was a pretty wide range of ideas when it comes to lady garden maintenance. Some have given up all hope of keeping things controlled while another is so anti overgrowth she gets her husband in on the action (for purely quality control purposes of course).

I guess it’s no different to people’s preference for styling the hair on their head. Some people like a mullet, some a full afro, some are skinheads and some still cling to the Mohawk, hoping one day it will be cool again. There is a general consensus though that sideburns are seriously uncool both on the face, or sprouting from your bikini. Rats tails of any kind should be banned entirely.

mohawkNot Bikini Friendly Image Credit

Interestingly is seems that the current minimalist trend is not entirely practical or comfortable if you hope to make use of your clean lines. Specifically, regrowth can make things rather unpleasant and spiky for all involved, ‘sandpaper’ was the description given for such circumstances. Not ideal conditions for romantic encounters I’m sure you’ll agree. It has to make you wonder whether the pain of the getting the procedure done is even worth the effort.

Of course no post discussing bikini lines, styling and waxing is complete without the mention of vagazzling. The Urban Dictionary defines vagazzle as:

To give the female genitals a sparkly makeover with crystals so as to enhance their appearance.

Seriously? A sparkly makeover? Now that’s a reality show I don’t want to see. If there is one place a hot glue gun does NOT belong, it is in your underwear. As for the concept of enhancing appearance… I think I will just leave that one alone.

So now it’s your turn to share - are you a consistent trimmer or do you go full bush until the need for neatness arises? On second thoughts, don’t tell me, I know too much already!

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