Wednesday, 16 November 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is… A Whole Bloody Lot Actually!

Usually at this time of year I am so busy thinking about what gifts I am going to buy everyone else that when it comes time to offer my suggestions to other people I got totally blank and end up asking for something a bit random. This year though I have a quite lengthy and at times expensive wish list and since there is little chance I will see most of these items, I am just going to share with you while a dream – care to join me?

Digital SLR Camera – I have never had a decent camera so I take most of my photos on my iPhone which is fine for the odd tipsy looblogger shot, but for the blog and next year’s Project Life efforts, I think something a little more professional might be in order.

CameraImage Source

Dyson Vacuume Cleaner – Yeah I know, a vacumme is a bit of a rubbish gift to ask for, but I am so over my old cheap nasty and have my sights set on one of these baby’s.

dysonImage Source

A Trip to The Day Spa – Mr Bond actually gave me a pamper package for a Day Spa last year and it was fabulous! It was one of those fancy one’s where you put all your gear in a locker and change into a robe and slippers. I highly recommend it and would love to go back again first chance I get.

spa1Image Source

iPad – Ignoring the fact that I spend my day’s with access to a perfectly good laptop and I have an iPhone for those times when I am forced to share, I still want one, all the cool kids have one so why can’t I???

ipadImage Source

Rose The One perfume – Oh how I love perfume! I tend to go for musky floral scents and this one would suit my collection perfectly.

perfumeImage Source

So what are you asking Santa for this year? What do you think your chances of him delivering are?

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