Monday, 21 November 2011

Batman? I Could Take Him (and my first GIVEAWAY!)

Batman probably thinks he is pretty tough with his cool car and six-pack suit, but I doubt all his special powers and tricky gadgets would be any match for a feisty toddler. In fact, I am willing to bet just 1 afternoon with a 2 foot tyrant would be enough to send him running back to the bat-cave so Alfred can pour him a drink and run a nice hot bath. You see, as impressive (and often attractive) as a Superhero is, their powers are really limited to dealing with people with bad make-up and silly hair. Besides, when was the last time you were threatened with a ray-gun? 

the_batman_and_the_riddler_wallpaper_-_1280x800Image Source

If you want to see a real Superhero in action, spend a day with a mum. Not only can they function perfectly well on very little sleep, hold down their lunch whilst changing a death nappy and wee at the speed of light, they can also strap small wriggly objects into secure seating with 1 hand, decipher what it is a child is asking for based purely on the pitch of their insistent grunt, and manoeuvre through their surroundings in total stealth, all in the interests of maintaining the peace in their fair city.

Mum’s don’t need some crazy cape and spandex to go into battle either, although occasionally they can be seen wearing jeggings (which are just as bad). Most opt for the practical and easily recognisable jeans and shirt combo, footwear is varied but usually flat for times when they are required to leap a tall Lego stack in a single bound.

Of course every Superhero has to have a nemesis, you may recognise mine:

2011-09-05“So Housework, we meet again.”

Oh, and he has a couple of trusty side-kicks too:

443“Quick, while mum’s not looking!”

For this I have to rely on my Superhero Tool Belt as we fight our constant war for world domination. Recently, Sabco were kind enough to send me one of their ‘Break Up Kits’ to make life a little easier. Now I have a whole set of shiny new gadgets for today’s battle.

005 (6)

But the best part is that YOU CAN WIN a pack of your very own!

The pack consists of

  • Soft Grip Window Squeegee
  • Lint Buddy
  • Radial Antibacterial Dish Brush
  • Iron Scrub Scrub Brush
  • Nail brush
  • Microfingers Duster
  • Delicate Surface Cloth
  • 2 in 1 Kitchen and Dish Sponge (2 pack)
  • Kleenex tissues


I have done a little trial of my kit and the Microfingers Duster is fantastic! I have used disposable cloths in the past but did not like that they could only be used once. The Microfingers Duster can be put in the washing machine and used again and again. As for the kitchen madness, goodness knows that not having a dishwasher means I spend far too much time at the sink, the 2 in 1 Kitchen and Dish sponge makes the work much easier.


  1. Become a follower of EAT PLAY BOND via the Google Friends Connect button on the right side of this blog
  2. Tell me what Superpower you would most like to possess in the comments section below
  3. Become a Facebook LIKER of Sabco Australia and enter online though the Sabco Australia Facebook Page

The prize will be drawn by Sabco Australia on on Friday the 27th of November based on CREATIVITY and INTEREST.

Good luck!

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