Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Non-Party Party

Like I said earlier, we decided to not have a big birthday bash for Skye this year, we thought it would be a bit much for her (and me) to have a big production when she would be just as happy with a few family members and a mountain of presents to tear through. I figure I have a lot of birthday parties ahead of me so I better pace myself now. Since the weather was so unkind and we woke to heavy rain I was glad we hadn’t arranged for 30-40 people to sardine themselves into our lounge room, we would have had to run something of that scale in shifts. That’s not to say that I didn’t get carried away with the catering anyway…


We stayed with our fail safe cheats birthday cake because my oven is too temperamental for me to be attempting something new without the luxury of a test run or two first. I thought the Tiny Teddy Racing Cars would be a nice way to ‘kiddie up’ the celebrations even though Skye was really the only child in attendance, but it turns out that even grown ups can’t resist their little faces. I also used some Push Delight canisters filled with fresh fruit and whipped cream which were simple and a welcome lighter option after all the main lunch offerings.


Lunch of course happened a little later than planned which meant the birthday girl was too tired to stay up much after the BBQ. We resumed celebrations with cake and present opening after Skye had a 2 hour nap. I think it would have been a good idea if we had all done the same thing!


I am glad that we opted for a smaller party this year because Skye probably would have been a bit overwhelmed if there were any more people. This way all the family were able to spend a little time one-on-one with the birthday girl and we were able to take our time. I am looking forward to planning a bigger birthday bash next year though ;)


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