Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Confessions Of A Magazine Addict

As the title suggests I have a bit of an obsession with glossy lifestyle magazines. I can keep my habit under control for most of the year but come Christmas time I simply cannot say no. The colourful front covers draw me in with promises of bumper gift guides, cheap and chic gifts to make and bake, festive flair tips and how I can decorate like the experts. I want to dive into the pages of these publications and immerse myself in all the shiny freshly painted fabulousness. As I pour over the stockists lists and curse why so many of the stores are rather inconveniently located in Melbourne, I store the images in the ‘one day’ file in my head.

029I bought these in the space of 2 days.

I have found the problem now is not so much in the buying of the magazines, but rather getting a moments peace to read them. What on earth made me think I was going to be able to read all 4 of these magazines while the Christmas theme is still relevant? It is impossible for me to throw them out once I have finally read them either. I try, but there is always something in them I think I will want to refer to later. Often I do pull the old ones out for inspiration when we are starting a new project so I am glad I hang on to them. Plus, I bought all these nice magazine holders for them that I would hate to see go to waste.

030What this? Yeah, I have 7 others just like it, not including my recipe mags.

My obsession began long before the convenience of Pinterest and while there are many great blogs out there, it is difficult to find Australian ones, which means that most of the products used in the solutions aren’t available. Besides, there is nothing quite like flipping through the thick pages of a pretty magazine and seeing the images in all their high res glory.

Yep, definitely obsessed.

As always Tuesday means #iBOT with Diary Of A SAHM, pop over and have a read of all the great bloggers linking up – even if you DO have a pile of fancy magazines to read…


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