Thursday, 17 November 2011

A New Relationship

You may recall I have had a few issues with my hairdresser. If it was only the irritating conversation that bothered me I would have put up with it for the sake of convenience since she is a 2 minute walk from my house, but I have never been thrilled with her performance in the cut and colour department either. I continued to go back there as my mop is a little scary to new hairdressers and I hoped that in time things would improve. Sadly in more than 12 months we were still having the same issues and I decided that it was time to move on. With great trepidation I consulted with Clever Baker Friend on the merits of her hairdresser (since her hair always looks fab) and decided that it couldn’t hurt to give them a try. Besides, worst case I could just wear my hair back until it was time to get it fixed and since I have been doing quite a lot of that lately anyway I figured I had nothing to lose.

017Boofy pre-cut hair (sans product). Yeah, it scares me too.

When I arrived I was greeted by a young lady who sat me down and started asking me many questions about my colour and what I was after. She was able to understand my instructions without much back and forth and off she went to mix up the concoctions. As she layered in the foils she mentioned that an all over toner might help get rid of some of the attractive orange tones I was sporting which I happily agreed to. Conversation was pretty limited which I was pleased with since I was making the most of having a little time out, but we did inevitably discuss the status of our Christmas shopping and after discovering we had children around the same age and she asked if Skye was my only daughter I said “yes, for now” to which she responded with, “don’t you hate it when people ask you when you are having another one?” I could have jumped up and kissed her! 

009Rockin a bit of foil action.

Once the foils were in she bought over some magazines and asked if I would like a tea or coffee, this in itself is a bit of a novelty since I generally have to make a point of asking for my cup of International Roast. Only this time not only did she want to know how I had it, but if I would prefer a cappuccino or a flat white. REAL coffee people! Can I get a hallelujah? I settled in with my magazines and coffee while the colours worked their magic and had already decided that this could be a match made in heaven.

010Reading magazines in peace, with a cup of real coffee!

Following the colour, points were also awarded for gentle removal of the foils, a distinct lack of water running down my back as my hair was washed and a very relaxing head massage. The woman had not even picked up a pair of scissors yet and I was in love.

I returned to my seat and we discussed how I would like my hair cut, I mentioned that I would like the ‘fro thinned out a little and she asked whether I wanted the thinning scissors or razor cut.  I was so excited as my previous hairdresser only knew how to thin my hair using the razor technique which only succeeded in making my hair frizzy and unmanageable. Once she was finished I had a look in the mirror and could not hide my relief, the foils were fine and subtle, there was no orange patches and the cut FINALLY felt like something I wouldn’t need to pull back every day.

014One happy little customer!

I was so infatuated I made my next appointment on the spot AND forked out for a bottle of fancy shampoo to maintain my colour. It was one of the best hairdresser experiences I have had and I look forward to us sharing a long and happy relationship together.

How is your relationship with your hairdresser? Do you cling to a good one when you find them? Or is your ‘do’ more low maintenance than mine?

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