Wednesday, 30 November 2011

All I Want For Christmas: The Stocking Filler Edition

I know, I know, I already wrote a Christmas Wishlist, but Jess from Diary Of A SAHM tagged me from her’s recently and she is too gorgeous to refuse so I thought I would do a more realistic list of things that I think would make good stocking filler pressies. Most of these items are just basic things that probably aren’t considered ‘gifty’ but I do love getting little things that I can use every day just as much as the big ticket items (well, almost).

christmas stockingImage Source

Can Opener
I realise I am off to a great start with this one, but mine has recently gone from being temperamental, to well, a right pain in my ass every time I use it. I had no idea how much I used one until it stopped working.


Image Source

Nail Polish
More specifically Top Coat nail polish so I can fake having the time and money to get professional pedicures done regularly.

015 toes

New Apron
Domestic much? Damn right! I do love a pretty retro apron and Etsy has to have one of the most extensive ranges I have come across.

Lacura Renew Multi Intensive Serum
I have banged on about Aldi quite enough already but I am so pleased I started using this serum, it works beautifully at keeping my skin feeling smooth and hydrated and at only $9.99 a bottle, there is no reason not to have a couple of back ups.

Champagne Stoppers
It’s rare that a bottle of bubbles doesn’t get finished around here but on the odd occasion that I don’t drink the whole thing in one sitting I at least want to be able to enjoy it just as much the next night.

Since I have taken a little too long to respond to Jess’s request and most bloggers have already been tagged by someone I am asking you all to make a contribution to the stocking filler list and tell me what little every day item you would like to find at the bottom of your stocking this year.

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