Monday, 28 November 2011

Happy Birthday Skye!

Skye turned 2 over the weekend and I had intended to do a birthday dedication post on Saturday but we were so busy with celebrations that I didn’t have the energy to write it. I didn’t want the occasion to go by unmentioned though so I am sharing a belated dedication today instead. This post is purely self-indulgent because I wanted to capture Skye as she is right in this moment. She changes and grows so quickly and just in the last week she seems so much ‘bigger’, so here is a snapshot of my little girl and what she loves right now.



  • I can’t recall the last time Skye walked somewhere, she seems to prefer running as her only means of transport although just recently she has developed a gallop step which she does when she is running laps around the coffee table or following me out to the kitchen to demand a snack.
  • Skye regularly busts a move when a song she likes comes on. Her current favourites include Dora the Explorer “We Did It”, Justine Clarke “Roar” and LMFAO “Sexy and I Know It”



  • Last week Skye started to say ‘yep’ when asked a question. Before that if she wanted to respond favourably to a question such as ‘would you like an apple?’ she would say ‘yay’. It was nice to hear  her so enthusiastic about something as mundane as a snack, it made up for all the NO!’s I get to hear the rest of the time.
  • Skye’s speech has developed dramatically in the last few weeks. She is now started to string words together to communicate and using far less pointing and grunting. She does however seem to have picked up an accent that makes her sound a lot like Borat. It is a little creepy having a 2 year old walking behind you repeatedly saying ‘this is naice’.



  • Skye loves being outside and playing on her slippery dip. When she is not on her slippery dip she enjoys jumping on my bed so she can look at herself in the mirror. Apparently even she thinks she is cute.
  • Skye enjoys reading books for herself and having them read to her. Right now, one of her favourite books is “Potty Training for Little Girls”. She has me read it over and over but sadly this has had minimal impact on her actual toilet training.
  • Some of Skye’s favourite toys include her 3 wheeler trike, Leaptop computer and cash register.



  • Her favourite foods are fruit of any kind (especially pears) and she definitely has my sweet tooth. I overheard her asking Mr Bond if she could have cake for breakfast the other day. I am a little concerned he might think she actually gets this every morning.
  • Skye has always eaten a varied diet and rarely refuses something put in front of her but just lately she has begun exercising her right to say no to things.
  • Her favourite vegetables are broccoli and beans.



  • Skye has always been a pretty good night sleeper and still has a 2 – 3 hour nap in the afternoon. The days when she misses this sleep are so unpleasant she is given dinner at 4:30pm and sent to bed ASAP!
  • Skye is still very much attached to her ‘blankie’. She likes me to tickle her face, back or feet with it, it calms her down almost instantly. If one of us is not willing to sit with her and do it, she will do it herself instead and happily sits and runs the corner of it along her hand.
  • Generally Skye will sleep until about 7:30am but likes to be left alone to wake up for about 20 minutes until she starts calling out to me to come and get her from her cot. This gives me a chance to either snooze a bit longer or have a shower before unleashing the tornado for another day.


General Punkiness

  • Skye likes to think she is in charge of everything Bundy does and takes great delight in instructing him to ‘No!, Go Away!’ if he dares to come near her when she has a special food, favourite toy or even a leaf off the ground. Thankfully Bundy is very tolerant so he just mopes off to sit somewhere else.
  • Needing to have her nappy changed is guaranteed to have her disappear into the nearest corner she can find. There is something very unappealing to her about having to lie down and get a fresh nappy on. Pull ups don’t make things any easier, if I do manage to catch her, she just waits until her wet nappy is off before taking off under her chair and threatening to wee all over the floor.
  • Skye is very independent and insists on doing many things for herself such as clipping her own seat belts, high chairs, strollers. She conveys this independence by shouting “I DO!, I DO!, I DO!” whenever mummy or daddy try to assist.


Overall, I would describe Skye as sweet, adventurous, happy, challenging, animated, determined and cheeky. I have watched in amazement over the last 2 years as her personality has continued to develop and she has shown characteristics similar to myself and Mr Bond as well as extended members of the family. Despite her strong will and determined nature she is an absolute joy each and every day and we are blessed to have such a delightful little girl in our lives.

Happy Birthday my darling xx


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