Saturday, 5 November 2011

Grateful For Pleasant Journey's

Yesterday Skye and I made our way up the coast to spend the weekend with Mr Bond at the holiday rental. Thankfully his contract up here is coming to an end so we are trying to take advantage while the weather is favourable and obviously, the accommodation is free! There is really only 1 part of our visit that is painful, driving for almost 3 hours with a toddler and no one but me to keep her entertained. Not a pleasant thought at all.

Since we have done this a couple of times now I do have a plan of attack and this week I can say that I am grateful that things went to plan and the drive was blissfully uneventful.

Timing was the biggest key to my success. We were packed and ready to go bang on Skye's nap time and for once she fell asleep on cue, 5 minutes into the trip! She stayed asleep for just over an hour which is all I can hope for considering she is cramped up in a car seat with the sun streaming in. I made sure I was armed with a variety of sandwiches, biscuits, sultanas and as a special treat her very own full strength fruit juice. I also had a lollipop on standby in case things started to get ugly.

Once she was awake she happily sat quietly talking to herself for another hour or so before she started getting a bit squirmy. Since we had made good time we were about half an hour from our destination and I figured even if she did crack a wobbly in that time I could probably handle it.

She must have been able to sense my calmness and surprisingly didn't fuss very much at all with the exception of giving me a firm NO when I started to sing along with the radio.

Can't say I blame her though, it's pretty appalling.

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