Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Raiders Of The Lost Wardrobe

Last week I talked about the amount of ‘gifted’ items we have cluttering up the house and how I struggled to get rid of these items despite them taking up space and remaining completely unused. With the holidays approaching and the likelihood of extra guests coming to stay I have felt the need to do a bit of a clean out and this week I am focussing on our built-ins. After a quick assessment of my clothes I was able to throw out a whole garbage bag of ugliness I was never going wear again and there is more to come, but I couldn’t resist the chance to share some of the pieces I pulled from the depths of my wardrobe.

001Bye-bye dagginess!

Now be honest, how many of you are just dying to get your hands on your very own grey floral jumpsuit? Note the hawt button details on the cuff.

floral jumpsuitYes, your bum looks big in floral satin.

I also found a delightful floor length number that was made by Mr Bond’s Great Grandmother for his Grandmother. I actually love this dress, the fabric is gorgeous and it fits like a glove, but I have no idea where I should wear something like this – suggestions anyone???

011croppedDoes anyone else get a slight Statue of Liberty vibe?

I have a bit of weakness for buying vintage style dresses and not actually wearing them…


It seems I have a bit of a weakness for jumpsuits too, I found this black ensemble tucked in the back of the wardrobe, I forgot I even owned it. I bought it originally for a 70s fancy dress party but after about 5 minutes of wearing it, 2 things became painfully apparent. I spent a lot of time checking I didn’t have a camel toe, and after a couple of beers the only way to go to the toilet is to remove the whole thing, not ideal when you are pissed in a hurry.

020 cropped

Don’t think that my poor taste is limited to clothing either, I managed to pull a few pairs of choice footwear out too. The pink pair is the most painful uncomfortable shoes I have ever owned, explain to me why they are still taking up space in my house?!?!

shoesApparently one can never have enough foot bling.

Probably the oldest item in my whole wardrobe is something I will never part with, I don’t care if they never come back into fashion, every time I put these one I feel like I am 16 again. Ah, Doc Martin boots how I love thee.


What’s lurking in the back of your wardrobe you have forgotten all about? Do you have any pieces that you could never bear to part with? Yes I am aware of how dusty my mirror looks in these pics, but I am also blaming having to use my phone to take photos!

I chose today to share this with you all because Jess at Dairy of a SAHM loves a good fashion montage, she even takes her out in public!


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