Saturday, 24 September 2011

Grateful For… Having A Daughter

I couldn’t tell you why, but I had always thought that when I had children, I would prefer to have boys. 2 boys to be exact. Throughout my pregnancy, people (in their infinite wisdom) told me that I was carrying a boy and after hearing this for so many months, I had all but convinced myself that I was. After I delivered Skye, it was a while before we found out that she was a girl, we were so caught up in the moment and I was so relieved for it to be over I didn’t think to find out. I distinctly remember not believing the midwives when they told me and for the most fleeting moment, I felt disappointed. Having a girl had never really crossed my mind even though we had never had confirmation of the sex during pregnancy. I had always assumed that Luke would want to have a boy too, he is such a mans-man that I had the crazy belief that he would not feel the same about a daughter as he would if he had a son. It is quite obvious that this could not be further from the truth, Skye is his world and she had him wrapped around her little finger from the moment he laid eyes on her.


As Skye has grown and her personality is starting to become more defined I am more and more grateful to have a little girl in my life. She is not really what I would describe as a girly-girl, but she definitely has feminine traits that I adore. She has an obsession with dressing up in my shoes and smothering herself in jewellery and accessories and I love the sweet little girly games we play together. I think having a daughter has allowed me to indulge my feminine side more too, it must have something to do with all the pink.


I also love her tougher side that shines through when she is rough-housing with her daddy, or trying her hardest to be in the thick of whatever he is doing.


Now that I have a child it seems so ridiculous to have even had a preference, we are lucky to have a happy healthy child who has developed as expected and continues to do so. Her gender is so irrelevant to the overwhelming joy and unconditional love I feel for her. I can’t really say how it differs from having a son because I don’t really know, I know that regardless of the games we play or the colour of their clothes, a child is an amazing gift. I am just grateful that I have a daughter and I have been able to experience so many things with her that I had never even imagined.

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