Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Lessons from Cleaning The Car

Yes I really am writing a post about cleaning the car. Mostly because its something I never really do. I realise that my shiny big truck does not stay that way on its own, and since I am the one that drives it, I probably should take better care of it, but honestly as I am the one responsible for the majority of cleaning around here including but not limited to randomly positioned bottle caps, play dough ground into the carpet and grotty bottoms, I just. don’t. care. Even this time the cleaning only happened out of necessity thanks to Skye nearly crippling me every time I get her in and out of the car with all her wriggling.


Ever since we had the car seat installed for Skye I have only ever moved it twice. Once to switch it to forward facing and once when I needed to use it in a courtesy car while our car was getting serviced. On both occasions it was me that did the moving, in fact I doubt Luke could tell you how to remove it at all, but that’s not the point of my story. Because of the cabin size, we needed to install the seat in the middle while it was rear facing, which was fine when Skye was little but now that she is older and does not care for being in the seat I am constantly worried about doing my back in from all the wrestling we go through each day. I would have moved it earlier but it was so secure they way it was I didn’t want to play around with it too much. I am hoping that having her behind the passenger seat will make it a little easier to clip her in, so out I went to shift the seat.


Of course since I was moving the seat to a new position and needed to clean the space beforehand I figured that I might as well do it properly while I was feeling so inclined. I am  sure that those of you who move child seats around regularly will be appalled by the lessons I learned today, but in the interest of entertainment as well as education I will share.

Lesson 1 – Skye eats a lot of sultanas whilst travelling
But judging by the amount that I found in every crevice of the backseat, not nearly has many as I think she does.

Lesson 2 – Instructions are for sooks
But the sooks were probably back in the house enjoying a cup of coffee hours before I finished my mission. It probably wouldn’t have taken me 20 minutes to find the clip to bring the back seat forward if I had been soft enough to get out the manual.

Lesson 3 – Sometimes the most obvious things are the hardest to figure out
I am not exaggerating when I tell you I spent 1/2 an hour trying to figure out how I would use the lap sash belt to clip the seat in when it was going the other way. I even threw a bit of a tanty because I couldn’t understand why they would install 3 anchor points in the car but only one clip that was compatible with the lap sash in the middle. At one point I thought we would have to buy a new car when we have more children to accommodate multiple baby seats. That was until I realised I should just use the seat belt designed for the normal seat and add the tensioning clip like before…

Lesson 4 – It is not necessary to wake your child getting the vacuum from the spare room
Particularly when you have a Dust Buster fully charged and ready to go in the laundry, its the first time it has ever been used outside of the house.

Lesson 5 – The washing machine is not eating Skye’s socks
The back seat of the car is, I found no less than 6 pairs of Skye’s socks on the floor of the car.

Lesson 6 – This will be the last time I write about cleaning the car
Because I have no intention of doing it again any time soon!


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