Saturday, 3 September 2011

Grateful For... Family Day Care

Before I begin this post I will put my hand up and say yes I am one of those women, you know, the ones that only have 1 child, does not go to work yet still sends her child to day care. Truthfully I think that the whole family is grateful for it. I have a designated day to tackle things that are just not practical while Skye is buzzing around, or easier to do solo, I don't have to wait till the weekend when we should be enjoying time as a family to do them and most importantly Skye has the chance to mix with kids her own age and learn things I may not have the knowledge or facilities to teach her.

I love the Family Day Care she attends. It is no more than a 2 minute walk from our house, the kids are all sweet natured as are the parents and the Day Care Provider is everything you could ask for, she treats the children as her own, ensures that all procedures and paperwork requirements are strictly followed and very clearly loves opening her home to provide this service.

Skye's face lights up each Thursday morning as we get dressed and pack her bag. She can't walk there fast enough and excitedly bashes on the door when we arrive. If I felt that she was distressed by being there and did not enjoy herself of course I would not continue to take her, but she is so proud of her latest paintings and new skills she has learned that I know it is worthwhile. The fact that she cannot leave without giving her carer a cuddle and receiving a stamp on each hand just reinforces to me that I am doing the right thing.

The structure and programs associated with Family Day Care are far more involved than I realised. I had assumed that Skye would just spend the day playing with a small group of other children and maybe do some painting or play dough. But it is so much more than that. Her progress is tested and recorded each week and I receive detailed feedback on her acheivements. I never feel that there is any judgement of her abilities, merely a record if where she is at. The activities change constantly and can be adapted based on input from the parents. They are taught basic behaviours such as sharing and patience (which is no mean feat when you are talking about toddlers) in a practical real life environment. Skye's language skills have certainly developed quickly thanks to the older children in the group and she learns independance by not having me constantly within shrieking distance.

Knowing I have this day each week to get on with other mummy business has had such a positive impact on the whole family. I don't get anxious about trying to get some time to myself anymore and I am always surprised that I miss her and look forward to picking her up at the end of the day. I feel refreshed from the break and ready to embrace mummy duties again which can only be positive for all of us.

I am absolutely grateful for Family Day Care and hope that her first steps into the education system will make the later transitions easier for all of us to handle.

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