Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Visual Planner for Skye

Something I have struggled with while Luke is away is getting Skye to understand why he is home some days and gone other days. I know she is too little to understand the concept of week days and weekends so I discussed the problem with her carer at Day Care and she suggested that I make a visual calendar with pictures of the activities Skye does each week. She explained how she had used it for another child who always liked to know what he would be doing each day and that it really helped him understand how each day differed.

She said it was not necessary to list the days of the week but it wouldn’t hurt as she may learn this as an added bonus. I figured it would be worth trying and set about making something that we could print out and laminate so she could see it each day and know what to expect.


I played around with making a page for each day but thought this might work better for her to see how each day connects to the rest of the week.

Do you have planners or calendars for your children? Have you found them helpful in teaching your children about the regular activities they are involved in each week?

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