Wednesday, 28 September 2011

10 Things You Would Be Happier Not Knowing About Me

You may have noticed a few of these popping up on blogs recently, I guess it’s kinda like the blogging equivalent to chain letters, but it is a bit of harmless fun so when I was tagged by a couple of amazing bloggers Daisy Roo and Two and The Crying Room, I was happy to play along. If you haven’t already had the pleasure of seeing the blogs of these lovely ladies, be sure to drop by for a visit. 

There are no wondrous or insightful messages in this post and I have already told you quite a bit about myself, in particular you can read All About Me coming clean, read about Skye’s Birth Story or even just check out my About Me page, but since I have been asked, here are 10 things you didn’t want to know about me. Feel free to file this one in the ‘who really cares?’ basket, but humour me and skim the list first, okay?

I Hate Coriander
I don’t know why, but to me the flavour just seems to interrupt everything else in the dish. I get very annoyed if it turns up in a meal I have ordered without realising it is in there.

Skye has Conjunctivitis Right Now
She is not in any noticeable discomfort with it and I am hoping that I caught it early enough to get it under control quickly, but convincing her to lay down while I give her the eye drops several times a day is not a very pleasant experience for either of us. Either is trying to get her to stand still long enough to take a photo of her in her cute new sunnies.


I Can’t Sleep in PJ’s
I never have, they always make me feel tangled and claustrophobic. Even in the middle of winter I can’t stand them. A very good reason not to invite me over for a sleepover!

My Current Paperwork Organisation is Not Working
As demonstrated by the fact that I only discovered today that Luke’s work ute has been uninsured for almost 3 weeks! Yes I have a lovely office space but it is not setup in a way that I can use it efficiently so I end up dumping wads of bills and paperwork on the desk and forgetting about it. I am working on correcting this as soon as I finish writing this post.

016 office

I Gag Every Time I Brush My Teeth
Every. Damn. Time. It was at its worst while I was pregnant, but it is still a problem now. Dentists hate me because I carry on so much when I go for my check up. Don’t even try to do an x-ray, it just isn’t going to happen.

I am an Expiry Date Nazi
If it is on the day, I throw it out, regardless of what it is or even if it was unopened. Don’t let me in your fridge or pantry either because I will scan every thing before I use it.


I am Allergic to Cats
This is not really a problem since I don’t like the furry little snobs anyway and neither do most of my friends.

I Check My Emails Before I Have Even Got Out Of Bed
Blame it on having an iPhone and Wi-Fi but as soon as I am functioning enough to move I check my emails, Facebook and Twitter, just in case I have missed something amazing in the short period of time since I last checked it before going to bed. Yes it’s a little compulsive, but everyone is just sooo interesting!

I Have a Total Aversion to Washing Up
Nothing amazing here, I doubt anyone enjoys it. My parents use to tell me I suffered from “dishlexia” because of my ability to avoid helping them with the dishes. Sometimes I get all motivated and do it after dinner, but most mornings I am greeted by this.


I am a “Scruncher”
I saved the best till last didn’t I? Sorry to all the folders out there, but seriously, who wants to be in there wasting time folding bloody toilet paper? Besides, that would cut into my designated looblogging allowance.


Well, that’s my lot done, now for the fun part. No chain letter is finalised until you have passed it on with instructions to the next group of recipients so I call upon the following bloggers to join in. My apologies if you have already been tagged, I am coming into this a little late!

Courtney at Nobashake
Jodie at Muddled Up Mumma
Jacqui at Common Chaos Chronicles
Kathryn at Cloud Love Baby
Karlee at The Mother Experiment

Now, aren’t you glad I have just filled your head with a few more useless pieces of information you couldn’t possibly have gone another day without knowing???

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