Thursday, 1 September 2011

Lamb Souvlaki Wrap Kit

We love a bit of Mexican fare around here, be it Taco’s, Burrito’s, Enchilada’s or Chicken Wraps its pretty regular on our meal plan. We even like turning the leftovers into Pizza when we get the chance, but every now and then I look for something equally easy but slightly different in flavours. When I spotted the Souvlaki Wrap Kit at Aldi recently I thought it might be just what we were looking for.


It couldn’t be easier, just coat the lamb in the seasoning and brown in the frypan then add some onion and the cooking is done!


Once the meat was cooked I chopped up some tomato's and lettuce and made up the garlic sauce by stirring the sachet into some Greek Yoghurt and we were ready to wrap.


The lamb tasted delicious and the garlic sauce was just as lethal as it should be. Skye took great delight in dunking her pieces of meat in the sauce and licking it all off again – she is a chronic double dipper.

We even had enough of the lamb and garlic sauce left over to make some pizza’s with the next night!

If you are looking for another quick and easy dinner to add to the list give this one a try, it will definitely become a regular in our house… when lamb is on special that is.

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