Monday, 5 September 2011

Father’s Day Celebrations

10 points for imagination for me today sharing our Father’s Day celebrations over the weekend but I just have to! Thanks to our lovely Family Day Care we had the mandatory hand made card, I know they are often daggy and even an bit ugly but I really love this one. It’s the first hand print we have of Skye – what have I been doing?!?!


I was lucky enough to be put in charge of the purchase of Luke’s Father’s Day gift. Generally in this house you are welcome to choose any gift you wish for birthday’s, Christmas’s etc as long as you go and purchase it for yourself. This system is of course Luke’s design to avoid having to go into girly shops and pick something himself but over the years it has begun to work in my favour as I no longer have to worry about him wasting money on something I wouldn’t like (yep, I’m fussy). It was for this reason that I was not prepared for him giving me suggestions on what fish finder he would like, with the assumption that I would be going to collect it. Clearly fish finders are not my speciality and I rarely pop in to BCF for a browse so I could just pick on up while I am in there. Nevertheless I had been volunteered so off I went in search of an expensive something I knew nothing about.

After some interesting conversation with the Sales Assistant, who at one point offered me something worth $1600 which I responded by stating that at that price it would want to make the fish jump in the boat for me, I settled on a suitable model only to find they didn’t actually have one in stock, but I could pick one up from the store on the other end of the coast. After a bit more driving I had my gift all ready to go. Oh, and notes have been made that I will look forward to something equally generous when Mother’s Day rolls around again.


Luke got a chance to install the new unit and take it for a test run over the weekend and I am pleased to report he is very happy with it, although he does get annoyed that he can now see the fish that are not taking his bait from him…

Luke and Skye had a great time washing the boat and the car on his return, I suspect Skye saw more of the bubbles than the boat did.

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For lunch we had a BBQ with my mum and dad as well as my brother and sister-in-law. My dad was also treated to hand made cards from all of us which I am sure have pride of place at home right now. In my haste to eat I forgot to get some photo’s of the spread but it was our staple sausages, potato bake, bruschetta and salad, enjoyed outside in the fresh air and it was delicious! We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day together, the weather was perfect, the conversation was animated and the food was plentiful.

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