Monday, 19 September 2011

The Holiday Wrap Up–A Checklist

It’s been roughly 5 years since Luke and I had an official holiday and we have not taken a family holiday of any kind as yet. But 5 days in a holiday house on the Mid North Coast of NSW seemed to qualify and just in case there is any doubt, I have made a checklist to be sure (because I am still a nerd, even on holidays).

Signs I Have Been On Holidays:

I Forgot to Pack Something Important
I packed 400 “just in case” items for the trip including children’s Nurofen AND Dimetap, but neglected to pack myself a pillow.

I Consumed Alcohol Daily
Because its not quite as relaxing to be sitting on the balcony having dip and nibblies with a glass of lemonade.

I Ate All Sorts of Naughty Stuff
I ate almost double my normal daily intake of food, little of which held any nutritional content. Starting on Thursday night with All You Can Eat Chinese, take away burgers and hot chips for lunches and a vast array of sweet snacks and beer nibblies throughout, I think a little detox could be in order.


I Visiting a Tourist Attraction of Some Kind 
We drove almost an hour to see some markets recommended by our lovely neighbour, only to power walk through the whole affair in 15 minutes and get back in the car again. Apparently we are not markets people. Apparently we prefer to go fishing.


I Took Photo’s Of Everything
Especially of things we normally do at home. One of the highlights of the trip was the massive bubble bath Luke and Skye took. I managed to take around 20 photos of them splashing around in the bubbles. I will add them to the collection of 100+ bath time photos we already possess.


I Slept in a Sandy Bed
This one was accidental actually, since Luke is working at a Golf Course and his domestic prowess does not extended to the washing of bedding, I got to enjoy my forty winks with the added bonus of a bit of exfoliation.

I Dreamt of Buying a Home in an Idyllic Location
Almost everywhere we visited had the potential for relocation. Pity that housing prices are no more attractive up north…


I Had an Afternoon Nap
This was a necessity since Skye, who was sharing a room with us) decided that it was a good idea to wake up at 5am each morning! It was a huge shock to the system since she usually does not wake until after 7, so an afternoon nap was taken by everyone.


I Vowed to Take Holidays More Regularly
I can’t really tell you why we don’t do this more often. Actually I can – Luke is not one for ‘going away’ especially since we usually do the same things that we can do at home. But I think even he will admit that it was great to have a change of scenery.


I Realised That as Lovely as it is to Get Away, There is no Place Like Home
If the house was not going to be invaded by 5 other contractors today, I would probably stay even longer, but we do miss home, especially sleeping in a separate bedroom to Skye. I will be happy to be back in our own house with all our own things again.

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